The Curly Girl Method

A conscious approach to your curls.

The Curly Girl Method is a specific approach to the care and maintenance of all curly hair types. We work with your curls gently and take the below techniques into consideration when working with your luscious locks. Curly hair bliss is totally achievable and we’re here to make it happen!


  • “No Poo” or “Low Poo” using limited bubbles or suds via a specially formulated sulphate-free botanical shampoo
  • Co-wash or conditioner-wash where curl-approved conditioner is used in place of a shampoo


  • Roping – a hand motion that works hair in sections from roots to ends and back again 
  • Squish to Condish – a technique that involves the gentle squeezing action of the hands when applying water and conditioner to the curls


  • Limited to no use of brushes or combs
  • Slow and gentle drying of the hair, preferably in a natural fashion without the aid of added heat. When heat is required, care is taken to ensure all of that nourishing work is not undone!

Curly Girl Method Hair Check-Up

All curly girl cuts are entitled to a revisit after 2 weeks for a free check-up, as we know that curls can be wild and may require a touch up.

Products for Curly Hair Types

We have a specialised range of products perfect to keep your curls naturally healthy and moisturised.

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