Our Philosophy

An eco-driven salon with a focus on natural product.


We strive to make eco-consciousness accessible to everyone with no compromises. From the use of our products and refreshments in the salon, to your haircare experience at home.

To ensure your hair is as beautiful as can be, we make sure our services are at the forefront of industry growth and offering the latest in organic haircare expertise.

On trend.

Community & people

A local team of hair-care gurus. Always happy, genuine and driven, our clients love the energy we bring to the floor. We focus our attention to detail on everything from staff education to all aspects of the salon experience.

Curly Girl Friendly Salon

Roc Hair is the Blue Mountains exclusive Curly Girl Method friendly salon, providing a huge range of Curly, Wavy and Textured hair-friendly services and products.

The Curly Girl Method is a specific approach to the care and maintenance of all curly hair types. 

Our approach is to ensure your curls are always well hydrated, promoting their natural curl pattern.

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